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Materials, Outline and Fins - Materials Wood (400)
Materials, Outline and Fins - Nose Shape Wide Nose
Materials, Outline and Fins - Tail Shape Square Tail
Dimensions - Stock or Custom Dims? Stock Dimensions
Dimensions - Stock Dims 9'2" - 22 3/16" - 2 7/8" - 69L
Dimensions - Comments/Questions Man, thank you for all your help today. Epic business you guys have there!
Colours - Logo Style Verdure Tree
Colours - Logo Colour Umber
Colours - Extras Triple Stringer (100)
Colours - Special Requests Hey Jack. Bec (my wife) would like to come meet to discuss colours. Hope thats ok.
Accessories - Fins Pivot
Payment - Payment Options 50% Deposit (50)
Payment - Are you confident of these choices? Very confident! Please go ahead and make my board
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