Modern Mid - Hemp/Wood - Red Rails

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7'2" - 21 1/2" - 2 3/4" - 47L

About the Modern Mid:

The Modern Mid length is inspired by the sleek single fin & egg templates of the 70’s. We have modernised the rail and thinned the tail to allow for more rail to rail control and power through turns. The 2+1 fin setup is a great transition for surfers who are use to riding Thrusters, but not quite ready to go solo (single fin). The extra length and volume under the chest is great for paddle power and your wave quota is guaranteed to go up riding one of these. Probably the most versatile board in our quiver, as it performs well in anything from knee high to double overhead point breaks.

Recommended for:

If your inclined to a more traditional wave riding approach this board is perfect for cruising from rail to rail. Also a great board for the shortboarder looking to iron out his/her style with some longer lines and drawn out bottom turns.

Recommended Fins:

Greenough 4-A with 2 x side bits.