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Outline and Fins - Nose Shape Egg Nose
Outline and Fins - Tail Shape Pin Tail
Outline and Fins - Fin Setup Twin
Materials - Materials Hemp
Dimensions - Name ( will be written on board) Cowan
Dimensions - Comments/Questions Cowan
Colours - Logo Style Verdure Diamond
Colours - Logo Colour Violet
Colours - Finish Satin
Colours - Special Requests Flat and fast, suitable for step up- something that holds when the points are pumping 😊
Accessories - Fins Twin Set
Survey - Whats your instagram name? Cowanfearn_nz
Survey - How often do you buy a new board? 1 to 2 years
Survey - Do you typically buy stock or custom boards? Used
Survey - When buying a new board what do you look for?_5_4_0 Durability
Survey - When buying a new board what do you look for?_5_4_1 Performance
Survey - When buying a new board what do you look for?_5_4_2 Sustainability
Survey - What did you think of our new custom order form? Any ideas about how we could make it better? Beautiful, I like the options such as requests and the drfinitions for different nose / tail shapes to make for a user friendly guide
Survey - What would it mean to you if you won this board? The world, I will take it with me from Gizzy to the Catlins, surfing every peeling wave on the east. This board will come to Canada with me so I can how it to the world!
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